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Results of the April 2019 euro area bank lending survey

Announcing 20190036 (MRO,liquidity providing), for 7 days deadline 09:30

Yves Mersch: Competitiveness of Europe and European Financial Markets

20190035 (OT,liquidity providing):54.8 mn USD alloted (fixed 2.91%, 100% allotment at margin)

Announcing 20190035 (OT,liquidity providing), for 7 days deadline 09:45

Contract Award Notice: ECB – Childcare Facility Places (2019/S 066-153237)

20190034 (MRO,liquidity providing):5379 mn EUR alloted ( 100% allotment at margin)

Benoît Cœuré: Interview with Risques

Announcing 20190034 (MRO,liquidity providing), for 7 days deadline 09:30

Luis de Guindos: Presentation of the ECB Annual Report 2018 to the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament