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Main topics and media events 28 May – 10 June 2018

Copyright rules for the digital environment: Council agrees its position

Indicative programme – Competitiveness Council, 28-29 May 2018

Economic governance: Conclusions on macroeconomic imbalances

Public finances: Conclusions on age-related spending

Banking: Council agreement on measures to reduce risk

Indicative programme – Foreign Affairs Council of 28 May 2018

Alkoholische Getränke: Kommission präsentiert Aktualisierung der Vorschriften über Verbrauchsteuern auf Alkohol

Faire Besteuerung: Kommission schlägt endgültige technische Maßnahmen zur Schaffung eines betrugssicheren EU-Mehrwertsteuersystems vor

Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the findings of the Joint Investigation Team on the downing of flight MH17